Reloadable VCC For Paypal/Amazon,AWS,Facebook Ads

Reloadable VCC For Paypal/Amazon,AWS,Facebook Ads
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Reloadable VCC For Paypal/Amazon,AWS,Facebook Ads

Reloadable Virtual Credit Card

You will get the following VCC details after payment confirmation:
• 16 Digit Virtual Credit Card Number
• Digit CVV2 Code Number
• Expiry Date: Month/Year
• Card Type: VISA

You can use it on:
1. PayPal (US/EU/Anywhere)
2. Amazon
3. AWS
4. Facebook Ads
5. Google AdWords (PM for more information as you may have to use proxies to prevent account suspension, subjected to additional charges.)
6. Digital Ocean
7. Bing
8. Azure
9. Ahrefs (In order to keep using their 1 week trial, you may need a good VPN/Proxy. Subjected to additional charge as their 1 week trial costs $7.)
11. Basically almost anything that accepts VISA as online payment.

The price for the VCC and reload is:
$20 (one-off payment for the VCC) + ("Reload Amount" * 1.18) = Price

If you've already bought a VCC from me and would like to reload:
"Reload Amount" * 1.18 = Price

Kindly take note:
1. Some service that you need may can only be done/verified with a DEBIT instead of PREPAID, and for the time being, only PREPAID cards are able to be reloaded. So please kindly specify the purpose of your VCC purchase when contacting me. I will issue either a PREPAID/DEBIT for you depending on your purpose, everything will be explained to you before you make the purchase.

2. If the merchant/service requires additional checks to verify that you're the one who made the payment, it's best to give me your Full Name (First name and Last name) and Full Billing Address, which will be used to issue the VCC for you based on the details given.

Balance Statement/Transaction History:
VISA - Instant

Terms and Conditions:
1. You will receive VCC of your choice in PM or email and here anywhere you prefer.
2. If your VCC have been charged for a purchase you didn't make, we cannot refund you, but you can ask to reissue another brand new card with the same balance. It's your responsibility to keep your VCC details safe.
3. The maximum amount that the reloadable VCC can hold is $8000.00.
4. To those that are interested to purchase in bulk for advertising services may ask for a quotation in PM.

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